How about how AOL thinks that Rupaul’s Drag Race Queens are all look alikes to celebrities.

My favorite is Bebe and Lil Mama.

Bottom Two: The Princess & Dida Ritz

Lip Synch Song: This Will Be (An Everlasting Love) by Natalie Cole



Princess Untucked

little bit country and a l’il bit rock n roll. WILLAM


Rupaul’s Drag cookies for the finale tonight! One for every girl.  Also I don’t know why some of them are upside-down and shit.

The Princess in her space bodysuit.

Alisa Summers in the post-apocalyptic wear.

Lashauwn Beyond in the bubblegum dress.

Madame LaQueer in a green sparkly dress.

Jiggly Caliente in her swimsuit.

Latrice Royale in her mermaid attire.

Kenya Michaels as Nicki Minaj.

Sharon Needles in her poodle-insired look.

Dida Ritz in the golden metal outfit.

Willam dressed as a hooker. (What’s new?)

I had kind of given up at this point.

Chad Michaels in the giraffe bodysuit.

Phi Phi O’Hara dressed as an angel.

RuPaul in the emerald green pantsuit.

Milan in her yelllow “Milan Invasion” outfit. (My brother ate her leg.)

Poor Milan!


I’m sorry. I had to.

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