Kylie Sonique Love by Jose A Guzman Colon

Sonique as P!nk


Sonique as P!nk | Dreamgirls Revue September 4, 2012

Love Hangover/Heartbreaker

Sonique’s encounter with a ghost.

"This was extremely scary to me, only because the ghost in this video looked so much like my ex Billy who was in Iraq at the time this video was made. I was home alone, just making stupid videos like I did every night I came home from work. I was at home alone with my 2 dogs. This video is a little over a year old, I didn’t post it before because I’m acting so silly and didn’t want to embarrass myself in front of the world. This scared me so much I wouldn’t stay in the house by myself after that. Please excuse the mess like I said there is a reason I didn’t want to post this video my house was a mess and so was I. The ghost in toward the end of the video, it will be a side profile of a guy at the bottom right corner of the screen. Clearly you will see I realized I seen something it freaks me out and I turn off the camera. it happens so quick so I rewound the video just to make sure I wasn’t going crazy. this happen in 2010 in Atlanta GA."


Sharon Needles is comming to 340 in 2 weeks!!! The Winner of Rupauls Drag Race season 4!!! I love my club!! come out and see her!!
Check out 340 on facebook see what other queens we will be having!Raven is with us every Sunday we’ve also had Shannel ,Yara Sofia, Jessica Wild, Carmen Carrera, Delta Work, Ongina, Raja, Pandora Boxx, Shangela, Mariah, Stacey Lane Mathews, Tammie Brown, Akashia, Victoria Parker Sonique, I think Morgan McMichaels came but i dont remember, Venus D-Lite, Manila Luzon, DiDa Ritz, Madame LaQueerwow 22 Drag Queens out of 47! not bad! =] 


Dreamgirls Revue August 21, 2012 | Detox, Delta Work, Morgan McMichaels, Dolly Levi, Sonique, and special guest Yara Sofia with hostess Ingenue

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