Here’s the story of how I 3D printed a Manila Luzon doll.

Once Upon a Crime episode 5


*Ring Ring Ring* The beautiful, the legendary, the queen of glamp, Manila Luzon is taking calls on this week’s new episode of Ring My Bell! PS. We got a new Ring My Bell table! YAY! New episodes of Ring My Bell every Thursday on WOWPresents.

Drag Race contestants walk LA fashion week for Marco Marco [x]

Drag Race contestants walk LA fashion week for Marco Marco


The cast of “Drag My Dinner Party” star in the World of Wonder Game Show – RuPaul’s Drag Race edition! Hosted by RuPaul!


Who’s Excited for Drag My Dinner Party?!

Drag My Dinner Party premieres on the Cooking Channel Wednesday, October 25 at 11PM EST! Get excited by sharing these FABU promos on your Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, and/or Instagram!

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Behind The Scenes With “Drag Race” Queens, On Set Of Cher’s Video For “Woman’s World” 

Any drag queen worth her Louboutins gives praise daily for the one and only Cher, so it’s only fitting that some of our favorite Drag Race queens are appearing in a very special video for the Dark Lady’s latest hit, “Woman’s World.”

The girls have been hard at work making the fantastic new video—each will embody one of Cher’s immortal incarnations—and above, Shangela, Willam, Manila Luzon, Alyssa Edwards and (of course) Chad Michaels, talk about what the ultimate pop diva means to them and to the art of drag.

Be sure to check on NewNowNext on September 5 for the debut of the full dragtastic video for Cher’s “Woman’s World.”


"Who the hell is this?!"

"When is this bitch gonna shut up!"


"Why does she keep giving me the stink eye"

Was my first mental thoughts that shouted in my mind upon first meeting my friend Manila aka Karl. I thought I was going to hate her.

After the second or maybe third day at drag race, we became fast friends. We laughed at the same jokes, always whimsical with a taste of evil. Which is probably the best way to describe her art.

Karl became one of the people on drag race who I found the most connection with, because of our parallels.

We are both of mixed Asian and European descent.

We both are illustrators and painters.

We have the same understanding of (pop) cultural historical references.

We both love to use irony as a medium.

and above all…

We like to laugh, drink white wine, and “occasionally” smoke the good herb… A lot.

I am very proud of my friend. She is so beautiful and strong. He lifts me up when I am so mean to myself. She pushes me (over the edge sometimes) to do more. He is my collaborator and creative partner. I suppose the friendship works this well because I do the same for her.

I fucking love this bitch!!

Titles mean nothing. Manila wins for me every day.

I often think she was one of the greatest prizes I won on drag race.

Happy birthday to my friend. Let’s all wish this amazing person a very happy day and continued success, he/she deserves it.

Wait….how old is it anyway?

Hasn’t she been 28 for 3 years now?

She’s fishy alright… fishy.

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